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E!10 Search Marketing Conference in Estonia

Estonia’s first ever search marketing conference (E! 10) will be held at 2pm on September 13th at the Sõprus Cinema in Tallinn’s old town. 250+ people are expected for the event organised by Altex Marketing

Speakers and their subjects are:

Robin Gurney, altex marketing: Driving search engine users to your company website.

Kain Kalju, Neti Webmaster: Search engines and marketing, based on the Neti example.
(Neti is Estonia’s national search engine.

Siim Saksing, Mobi: Future of search. What happens when the phone and internet finally become one?

Petri Kokko, Google Country Manager for Finland & Sweden: Experiment! How brands can engage on the changing internet?

Tickets will cost 35 Euros. More details and booking information can be found here.

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